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Thanks for visiting. MaleshCon is changing. Brand services have moved to                      Market Bridge AfriCo. 

Personal development solutions here soon.

Brand Development is not just a logo or visual, it is the bedrock strategy supporting and directing your whole business.
We work with clients like you: business leaders, entrepreneurs, brand managers, and consultants to provide direction for brand development, creative design, content strategy and brand communication to ensure that your brands become profitable customer attracting magnets.


Branding is one of the most effective strategies a business can employ to connect with its target consumer and increase sales through aesthetics & content to enhance its core value proposition and fetch the optimal price for its products and services. 
We are obsessed with getting things right; we therefore make use of proven brand methodology and creative design. 


Your brand success is our bottom-line. Great stories create lasting connections. Purpose inspires action & method makes madness.
We exist to ensure that African brands “work”.
– Pun intended! Working brands are productive, profitable, global and sustainable.

Connect with us and make us your partner for growth.



It’s frustrating. You have a great story to tell, but your messaging and marketing materials miss the mark.
Our Brand Messaging Platform will develop and support your brand communication so you can succinctly articulate your brand.


Credibility is a key component that drives consumer purchases and is a great challenge for African brands that are trying to complete globally.
We will help position your brand optimally and develop a key touch point strategy that assures clients that your brand can deliver as promised.


Brand awareness directly impacts your sales, after-all, how can clients come to you when they are not aware you exist?
There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for brand awareness, but we employ proven methodology that delivers results over time.