Your brand can be experienced in many ways and evoke feelings, thoughts or behaviors. It’s all a part of your brand’s identity, messaging, design and environment. The key to effective brand management is creating a positive and memorable brand experience for customers.

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology. Not the other way round. – Steve Jobs

Touch-points are powerful drivers of brand experiences and story telling. Great experiences keep customers returning for more.

“Everyone” is not your client. An effective sales strategy targeted at a particular segment increases your sales potential and optimises activity.

Image is everything. Customers buy with their feelings first then rationalise later. Is your brand image attracting or repelling clients?

Branding is the art of winning hearts and minds.Telling great stories keep clients engaged and influences them to purchase from you repeatedly.

Marketing collateral affords customers the experience of holding something in their hands, thereby increasing memorability.


Every customer interaction should be viewed as an opportunity, from a phone call, to website content, commercials, or personal interaction. A memorable experience creates a positive outlook, but a bad experience becomes a lost opportunity that can demolish the brand. Technology has caused a monumental shift in influence. Since brand is a feeling, it goes without saying that customer experience is the life of every brand. Branding is the art of winning hearts and minds .Telling great stories keep clients engaged and influences them to purchase from you repeatedly.


The way you communicate your brand can impact your effectiveness and determine if a customer recognizes your corporate messaging or chooses to ignore it. Today people don’t want to be sold to, they want to be engaged then they may buy from you. We develop your Communications Strategy based on the message map we developed earlier. We also ensure that your communication is congruent with your brand values and brand strategy.
People always remember a good story. A great story that personifies your brand is what you need in order to position yourself in the most effective way.


Understanding and communicating how you acquire customers and sell products and services is key to your success and key to your survival. Without sales you have no cash flow, you have no customers, you have no growth and in essence, you have no company.
Sales and Marketing go hand in hand but the two are different.
Marketing includes research: identifying needs of the customer, development of products: producing innovative products and promoting the product through advertisements and creating awareness about the product. As such, marketing means generating leads or prospects. Once the product is out in the market, it is the task of the sales team to persuade the customer to buy it. Together with your team, we will develop effective sales and marketing tools to grow your brand.


Brand Resonance Pyramid
Touch Point Matrices
Value Chain Analysis
Engagement Level Analysis
CRM Systems 


Communications Framework
Marketing Collateral : Brochures, profiles, flyers, reports, branded merchandise etc
Website Development 


Sales & Marketing Strategy
Sales Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns
Strategic Events 

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