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This is the beginning of magic


A Brand Audit describes and evaluates the current state of a brand and its effectiveness in achieving a company’s business objectives. This assessment is the first step in brand strategy development and is used to diagnose where the brand strengths lie as well as to identify potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings. It is the foundation on which the other steps depend.

Brand strategy is the face of a company’s business strategy, so it is essential to align business goals with brand goals. When done well, the brand becomes a strategic asset that will pay dividends in customer loyalty, advocacy and resilience.

The Analysis tools we use to develop your succinct Brand Strategy include:

Brand Audit
Brand Discovery
SWOT Analysis
3 Circle Analysis
Brand Strategy Palette 
Strategy Palette Archetypes & Positioning
Brand Asset Inventory
Competitive Assessment
Competitive Landscape
Identifying Customer Insights
Brand Conversion Funnel
Market Funnel
Customer Profiles & Personas
Customer Segmentation

brand narrative

The Vision and Narrative are based on Brand discovery findings.  Brand Vision describes how a brand wants to be understood by customers, employees and other stakeholders. It articulates values, culture and the needs of its constituencies both internally and externally. 

Our Brand Vision & Narrative  Development Tools include:

Brand Vision Framework
Brand Personality & Style
Internal Values
Brand Community
Self Reflection
Noble Purpose
Brand Narrative Template
Brand Narrative Framework


Brand Positioning is the basis of target specific messages it informs brand communications. Audience specific positioning is designed to move brand closer to vision. Positioning is a short-term tool for achieving the Vision, and should be evaluated periodically for relevance, credibility and uniqueness.

Brand Benefits Hierarchy
Differentiator Identification Checklist
Customer Segmentation
Brand Positioning Statement Worksheet
Classic Brand Positioning Framework
Brand Positioning Evaluation Framework

Hap-hazard, winging it and hope are not strategies. As your Brand Stewards, we promise you that:

You will appreciate our commitment and hard work towards achieving success.

You will become excited about your brand as you discover your purpose and realise results.

Your target audiences will become interested in your proposition and start choosing your brand.

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